But how can you figure out how much your jewelry is worth? The simplest thing to do is to look for the karat stamp. You will find a 14K or if you are lucky, you might find an 18K stamp. Keep in mind that 24K is pure gold, but jewelry is typically not made from pure gold. The price of gold that you find on the cable news channels is for pure gold sold on the open market.
For example 14 karat gold is only 58% pure. So keep that in mind when evaluating your jewelry. How do I know the percent puri

6 Involving your MaidsJewellery making parties are becoming more and more popular as a hen do activity. Perhaps you and your bridesmaids could actually have a hand in making all your accessories. It would be a lovely girly get together and very special to actually make the accessories yourself.
If making the jewellery is taking it too far, consider whether you would like your bridesmaid to have a say in their accessories. To avoid any clash of opinions, it is worth setting out the colour or st

a candle-lit dinner

December 28th, 2010

Basically, it is because hearts symbolize love. You might think that this design looks so simple and plain, when actually,Top quality gucci heart pendant, it’s not. Other designs include various stones to add more accent and beauty to the center stone.A glittering diamond has been the favorite of most ladies since time immemorial.
Women love them because a diamond is a perfect example of

They were insured, so I really knew I wasnt not working with some fraud company. Just waited for 10 days for the shipping to reach its destination and after that,Gucci flora charm necklace, within 24 hours, I had a check! It was that easy after I did my research.I never knew that it was that convenient to sell engagement ring, very quick and easy. Earn three t

for if they are tangled together

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This way you will not end up misplacing your jewelry, nor will it get damaged or stolen considering it is safe in your jewelry box. Another important thing to do when putting your jewelry into these boxes is to ensure that you do not stack your jewelry in piles or they are sure to get tangled. Further damage can be caused by this as well, for if they are tangled together, you will most likely end up scratching or breaking one of your sets of jewelry.
Many women all over the world wear jewelry,

Modern Charm Bracelets—–_18

December 20th, 2010

Modern Charm Bracelets<br />

Modern Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been around for a very long time. The trend of collecting personalized charms that mark milestones and occasions took off in America around the mid 20th century. Teenagers began purchasing or receiving charms as gifts that marked birthdays, graduation, and other special occasions.

Irish Wedding Ring – The Claddagh<br />

Irish Wedding Ring – The Claddagh

There are many symbolic meanings that are associated with the exchanging of wedding rings through a wedding ceremony. Some select to express their love and vow in terms of the ring being rounded. With the circular shape of the wedding band they express their love as having no star


Gems Buying Guide: Looking For a Gem That Is a “Cut Above”!<br />

Gems Buying Guide: Looking For a Gem That Is a “Cut Above”!

Celebrating a Special Occasion with JewelryJewelry and gems The Buying GuideOne of the most important things to learn is how to look at a gem, even if you won’t see all that a gemologist will. Let’s begin by making sure you un

When Mark and Doreen approached their trusted neighborhood jeweler with their desire to buy loose tiffany 1837 at wholesale prices, he was more than reluctant. “Our local jeweler kept on offering us diamonds which were already set in rings and necklaces.” Doreen continues, “And when he finally showed us a loose diamond with a GIA […]