Mainly engaged in general surgery of the thyroid, breast,Ju Ren Bei Zeng, abdominal tumor diagnosis and laparoscopic techniques in gastrointestinal tumor operation and the application of minimally invasive operation in treatment of hemorrhoids.Has a wealth of clinical practice and continuous development of new technologies.Many times in Hongkong to participate in academic exchange and awards.Won the […]

2009-02-05 14

September 21st, 2012

Published: 2009-02-05 14:20 “Li research more Shu” useful?Ring, after five years, was a doctor misdiagnosed as, with the a saltpetre acne and penicillin for 12 consecutive days (two bottles a day a saltpetre Cuo, 5 grams of penicillin), high fever after high fever, stomach pain, stool solutions do not come out.Menses more than 10 days […]

Li Chengming not only is not rich

September 21st, 2012

Narrator: Liu Taotao married women at the age of 30 Beijing enterprises senior manager next month I will get married, fiance is the man I love deeply, but I have the courage to tell him I was a virgin.Don’t know why people, will find this is to be a wild legend.It is difficult to believe […]

hepatitis B virus carriers

September 19th, 2012

39 Health of hepatitis B virus carriers area to provide carriers of hepatitis B virus related issues,Cialis, including hepatitis B virus carriers can drink, symptoms of hepatitis B virus carriers,Nine Penis Grain, hepatitis B virus carriers,Red Spider sex drugs, hepatitis B virus carriers meeting inheritance what diet, hepatitis B virus carriers can be cured, hepatitis […]

This period of time

September 18th, 2012

Bones are more willing to be born not the kind of people who do not have to bear the family responsibility, without changing the inherent inertia, forever free, persist in one’s old ways, today to teach you how to change these bad man!Never loved doing the housework: shampoo bottle inclined backwards, a bottle body and […]

no special taboo taboo.Check

September 16th, 2012

Breast infrared examination note: not suitable crowd: lactating women.Check front: no special taboo taboo.Check: check to relax the mood,sex medicine, may on the physical and psychological burden,Insect Powder, should face actively,Motivator, and actively cooperate with the inspection.

gynecological involutional

September 13th, 2012

Specialty:introduced in detail: from the west of China Marie ,is located in Chaoyang District Hepingli, 5 North Street,simple and elegant ,green Ou Shifeng lattice building ,the first phase of construction area of 8000 square meters,nearly 100 pieces of beds ,is committed to women physical and mental health of children of professional medical institutions .Marie to […]

the youth will mountain herbs

September 12th, 2012

Due to time and return – Angelica reason to have an ancient king of youth, by collecting herbs for health.He has a hundred miles long mountain, is said to have a variety of valuable Chinese herbal medicine.This year, the youth will mountain herbs, and his wife agreed as of three years did not return his […]

The sex hormone six examination note: unsuitable crowd: No.Check front taboo: three days before the examination from sexual intercourse.Physical examination the day before the late eight when,Wenick, should be fasting.Endocrine examination in menstrual 3-5 days after the first,levitra capsules, this time belonging to the early follicular phase,Lang YI Hao, can response to ovarian function.But for […]

The first serious does not support the husband’s social, treat husband friend extremely unfriendly attitude, especially husband friends, there is an opportunity to them in the course of time, heap curses on,cialis sex medicine, your husband will be friends, nature,Tiger Giant sex medicine, the main chance also one day less than a day.Second piece live […]